Plan, Prepare, and Educate for Administrative Relief Implementation Campaign


On June 30, 2014, President Obama announced that in the absence of Congressional action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, he will use his executive powers "to fix as much of the immigration system as possible” on his own.

In anticipation of significant changes to the immigration system, community organizations, government partners, funders, and immigrant advocacy organizations have convened the IL is READY Campaign.  The purpose of this campaign is to create the infrastructure necessary to quickly and accurately disseminate information, conduct trainings, and coordinate legal services for those who may benefit from the administrative relief the President announces. 


The goals of the IL is READY Campaign are to:

  • maintain open channels of communication between Illinois immigrant advocacy groups and with national organizations regarding administrative relief
  • improve collaborations between Illinois organizations to leverage resources in anticipation of high demand for services
  • develop a model to train-the-trainers so that  members can quickly build and share expertise about administrative reforms when they are announced
  • train community leaders to be the messengers for administrative relief in their communities
  • develop strategies to create and share materials for leaders
  • strategize and coordinate to prevent misinformation, fraud, and the unauthorized practice of law
  • identify funding for organizations to increase capacity to respond to community needs


The Campaign has developed a 4-phase approach to Administrative Relief Implementation (ARI):

Phase 1 - Preparedness Campaign:  This current phase involves creating awareness and planning for administrative relief among partner organizations.

Phase 2 – Preparedness/Public Education: This phase is ongoing and includes preventing fraud perpetrated by notaries and others who seek to exploit noncitizens by educating the community.  Upon the release of the administrative relief announcement, a rapid-response plan – currently in formation – will be implemented within 24, 48, and 72 hours of the announcement to aid communities in comprehending the nature and eligibility requirements of any newly announced benefits. 

Phase 3 –Legal Service Provider Training:  In the days following the Administration’s announcement, campaign members will implement the training strategies developed during the Preparedness Campaign to ensure community partners are equipped to counsel noncitizens who may qualify for benefits under the newly announced program(s).  The Campaign will strengthen and deepen its network of support among participating organizations, so that they will receive continued training and guidance as they get ready to assist immigrants with their applications.

Phase 4 - Administrative Relief Application Assistance:  In this phase, the IL is READY Campaign will train and support, qualified community organizations as they work with immigrants who may qualify for immigration benefits.  This phase will focus on organizing IL is READY sessions where immigrants can receive information and referrals to qualified legal service providers for assistance as well as connect to other social service agencies for other needs.   

Please contact Breandan Magee at bmagee@icirr.org with any questions or concerns. 

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