Finding Quality Legal Help

Not everyone will qualify for the administrative relief announced by the President.

Getting qualified legal help can make all the difference

The immigration system is complicated and mistakes can get you into big trouble. There are trusted organizations working together in Illinois to ensure that immigrant communities have access to reliable information and resources—you can learn more on this website.

WATCH OUT for people or organization who say they can help you but are not qualified to do so. Notarios or unlicensed immigration consultants are not authorized to give legal advice and can do more harm than good.



Free or low-cost legal help may be available to you.

In Illinois, you can find a list of qualified free and low-cost legal help here and search for a private immigration lawyer here.

Outside of Illinois, you can find qualified legal help here and search for private immigration lawyer here.


TALK to an experienced attorney or a recognized immigrant service organization.

Experienced immigration lawyers and immigrant service organizations recognized by the government have the training to help you. They can help protect you from mistakes and help ensure you get the best relief possible.

Community groups and others can help you gather necessary documents and help complete the forms for uncomplicated cases, but it is always best to consult an experienced lawyer or recognized organization when you can.


To check if a lawyer is experienced and qualified to help you:

Go to this website to see if the lawyer is licensed and in good standing in Illinois. Make sure the lawyer has malpractice insurance too.

Check if the lawyer is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

If the lawyer is licensed in another state, you can check if the lawyer is in good standing on this website.

Check the lawyer’s website and ask the lawyer about his or her experience with immigration. Ask for references if you are not comfortable.

To check if an immigrant service organization is recognized, go here. Recognized immigrant service organizations do not always have attorneys but they can give you immigration legal advice.


REPORT notarios or others who are trying to take advantage of you or your family to:

The Illinois Attorney General website, or en español, or calling 1-800-386-5438 or 1-866-310-8398 (en español)

The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission

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